3.5 cu.m. Bucket Capacity
3.5 cu.m. Bucket Capacity











Overall Data
Bucket Capacity (m3) 3.5
Rated Payload (kg) 6000
Operating Weight (kg) 21500±200
Traction Force (kN) 172±3
Breakout Force (kN) Travel Speeds (km /h): 200±3
  I II
Forward 6.4 11.1  17.4     29.2
Reverse 7.2 12.9 20.8 31.1
Engine WEICHAI WD10G240E21
Rated Power (kW/rpm) 175/2200
Rated Torque (Nm/rpm) Starting Voltage (V) 920/1400-1600 24
Drive Train
Torque Converter Single-stage, Single-turbine, 3-element
Torque Ratio 2.56
Transmission Fixed Shaft Hydraulic Shift Spur Gear
Gear 4F/4R
Pressure of Transmission (MPa) 1.7-1.9
Main Reducer Spiral Bevel Gear Single-stage Reduction
Final Reducer Planetary Reduction
Tire 23.5-25 L-3 20PR
Brake System
Service Brake Air Drive, Four Wheel Brake (Dry)
Setting Pressure (MPa) Parking Brake Emergency Brake 0.78 Air Drive Brake Air Drive Brake
Steering System  
Type Hydraulic Load Sensor System
Cylinders-BorexStroke (mm) 2-100X324
Steering Pump Gear Pump
System Pressure (MPa) 16
Flow Rate(L/min/rpm) Steering Angle 176/2200 ±35°
Hydraulic System  
Lift Cylinders-BorexStroke (mm) 2-180X864
Tilt Cylinder-BorexStroke(mm) 1-220X626
Model of Working Pump Gear Pump
Flow Rate (L/min/RPM) 275/2200
System Pressure (MPa) Pilot Conteol System Pressure(MPa) 16  2.5
Hydraulic Cycle Time, Rated Load in Bucket (In Second):  
Raise(Loaded) Dump
6.3 1.2
Electrical System  
System Voltage (V) 24
Battery(2 in series) (Ah) 120
Lamp Voltage (V) 24
Service Refill Capacity  
Fuel Tank (L) 285
Hydraulic Tank (L) 285
Crankshaft(L) 20
Transmission (L) Front Axle (L) / Rear Axle (L) 45 28/28
Air Conditioning System (Optional)  
Heating Capacity (W) Cooling Capacity (W) 5800 (±10%) 4500 (±10%)










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