0.35 cubic capacity

Highlights of hydraulic excavator CDM6085

1. Adopting super powerful, large torque and direct injection turbocharged type engine
2. All round work structure
3. GPS service system: multifunction of positioning, malfunction recording, instant messaging and cross space 4. Luxurious and comfortable cab: capacious and overall upgrading of Inner decorations

Overall data of mini hydraulic excavator CDM6085

Approximate Weight (Kg) 8600
Land Pressure (Kpa) 37
Travel Speed (Low/High)Km/h 2.8/4.5
Swing Speed (rpm) 11.69
Net Power (KW/rpm) 57.7/2200
Displacement (L) 3.319
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 115
Operating Pressure (MPa) 28.5
Flow (L/min) 74.8×2
Hydraulic Tank Capacity (L) 105
Max.Digging Radius (mm) 6338
Max.Digging Height (mm) 7100
Max.Digging Depth (mm) 4163
Max.Vertical Digging Depth (mm) 3330
Max. Digging Radius on the Ground (mm) 6201
Min.swing radius (mm) 1800
Max.dumping height (mm) 5095
Size (width ×height )mm 2200×2743
Working Range (Ground/Underground) mm 453/368

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