3 cubic capacity

CG956C wheel loader is characterized by the following features:
1. This wheel loader has a long wheelbase. It provides good stability for the whole machine.
2. It adopts a single-lever pilot control.
3. This construction machine is equipped with a fully hydraulic flow amplification system.
4. This wheel loader has a novel dash panel and operation boxes.
5. A/C and fuel gauge.
6. Its electronically controlled engine cover provides easy maintenance for the engine, radiator and other components.
7. The strengthened bucket of CG956C wheel loader comes with a wear-resistant plate and teeth.
8. Installment boxes are available at both sides for holding the steering and brake components.
9. 308L fuel tank

Outstanding Performance
1. Engine. This wheel loader adopts Shangchai C6121 Engine (optional Weichai Styer Engine). Its performance reaches the top level in China.
– Strong and uniquely-framed bearing body
– Crank axle with improved anti-fatigue performance
– Super power torque reserves and good adaptability
– Low emission and noise; is environmentally friendly
– Easy start even in low temperatures
– Good adaptability to high altitude
2. Fuel tank
– Large capacity of 308L allows the wheel loader to work with heavy loads continuously for 10 hours.
– A fuel pipe strainer is added to ensure level-4 filtering
– Its clean flange makes it easier to maintain.
3. Transmission – twin turbine torque converter
– CG twin turbine torque converter is compact in structure, reliable and efficient in power allocation.
– Optimized velocity ratio, bringing excellent transmission performance
– The key components of this wheel loader are imported from famous companies to improve system reliability.
4. Rear axle with pendulum shaft
The rear transmission shaft keeps still while in operation.
5. Steering system
-The steering system provides easier and more flexible steering. It needs less steering turns.
– It carries out steering at low throttle, which consumes less power.
– It can effectively reduce the temperature of the hydraulic liquid and prolong the service life of the hydraulic components.
6. Brake system
Eight calipers are installed at the four wheels, which widens the area of stress while greatly enhancing the braking effect.
7. Unique front axle brake shield
– It can effectively prevent the intrusion of mud and sand while prolonging the service life of the brake.
– It also protects the braking pipeline thus reducing the maintenance costs for the wheel loader.

Firm and Durable Frame 
1. High strength frame
The box type frame of this wheel loader is enhanced by strengthening pillars and strengthening plates. It better distributes the stress and prolongs the service life of the frame.
2. Strengthened bucket
– High strength inner ribs are added in the bucket of this heavy equipment machine
– Thickened and optimized main blade, upside blade, downside blade and side blade make the bucket durable.
– Strengthened teeth.
– Round steels are welded at the front to protect the bucket and extend the service life of the whole wheel loader.

Convenient and Prompt Maintenance
1. Engine cover opens backward through an integrated electronic control
– It facilitates the easy maintenance of the engine, radiator and other components.
– Electronic control makes it is easy to operate.
2. Installment boxes
– The hydraulic components are placed in the right installment box for convenient maintenance and dust prevention.
– Oil-gas booster and air storage are placed in the left box.

Comfortable Working Conditions
1. Cab
The cab of this wheel loader is spacious enough to give the driver a comfortable working condition and wide vision.
2. Instrument desk
– Streamline instrument panel
– A fuel gauge is added for easier control and higher efficiency
3. Integrated operating case
Suitably designed operating case comes with cup sets, profile boxes and more.
4. Seats
CG956C wheel loader has a fully adjustable, bi-directional, and shock-absorbing seat. It can be adjusted as required for increased comfort and efficient operation.


Operating weight 16600kg
Rated load 5000kg
Bucket capacity 2.5-3.6 m3
Maximum pulling force 170kn
Digging force 170kn
Working cycle time 10.7s
Max. dumping height 3196mm
Max. dumping reach 1033mm
Wheelbase 3280mm
Wheel track 2795mm
Min. turning radius 6570mm
Max. gradeability 300
Maximum speed 36km/h
Length 8020mm
Width 3000mm
Height 3480mm
Engine Shangchai C6121ZG
Rated power of engine 162KW

1. Work cycle time is equal to the sum of the raising time taken by the swing arm, the descending time of the swing arm, and rolling time of the bucket.
2. We reserve the rights to make changes to configuration and specification of our products without prior notice due to the continuous technical improvement of CG products.


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