1.7 cubic capacity

CG932H wheel loader represents our 30 series wheel loaders, which is known for its strong power, robust frame, stable performance, ergonomic design, simple maintenance as well as applicability in different working conditions. CG932H wheel loader is generally characterized by the following features.
1. It adopts a wet axle and has over 60 new designs on the hydraulic, electrical, and pipe systems.
2. This heavy equipment machine is provided with a turbocharged engine and an optimized radiator system.
3. Specially-made hydraulic steering.
4. It has a strengthened bucket with a plate that is wear proof.
5. The driver-friendly cab is equipped with optional A/C.
6. Backward opening engine hood.
7. The braking system of this standard wheel loader is optimized to give it a strong and reliable braking effect.

High Efficiency and Outstanding Performance
1. Fuel tank
– Large capacity of 150L
– High fuel inlet for easy fueling.
– Filter screen
– Cleaning flange for easier maintenance of this bucket loader
2. Transmission and torque converter
-Four-element torque converter and planet type transmission for high efficiency at low fuel consumption.
– The parts have a good adaptability
3. Wet drive axle
– Sealed type
– Unique inner circulation heat dissipation design
– Simple structure and high adaptability
4. Front shaft
– Double jointed propeller shaft
5. Hydraulic fuel tank
Adjustments have been made to the liquid level of the fuel tank and position of the cleaning flange and oil-absorbing filter. This is done to prevent the suction of air and protect the wheel loader components.
6. Hydraulic oil radiator
Has improved heat dissipation performance.

Heavy-duty Frame
1. Wheelbase
Long wheelbase and designed with a large space between hinge joints.
2. Front frame
The front frame of this wheel loader is of a single plate structure. It has high rigidity, good stability, and high carrying capacity. It is easy to maintain.
3. Rear frame
The rear frame is made of channel steel and side plates, welded into a box structure. Its structure is designed to ensure adequate rigidity and good stability.
4. Hinge joints
The upper joints come with shaft sleeves while the lower ones have tapered roller bearings. They are easy to lubricate.
5. Fender
Streamline fender with high rigidity and good appearance.
6. Pedals
The pedals are of a good design and fitted with an anti-skid plate.

Comfortable Operating Environment
1. Cab
The well-sealed cab of this wheel loader is spacious and beautiful in appearance. It has good shock absorption capabilities for increased comfort while in operation.
2. Front window
This wheel loader adopts a front window pane that is not partitioned for a wide vision.
3. Inner decoration
The cab of this construction machine is beautifully decorated with natural shapes and non-reflective soft colors. It is provided with a door shield and glove box.
4. Seat
The seat comes with pillow and safety belt. It is fully adjustable for increased comfort.
5. Dashboard
-Extra fuel level gauge
– Streamline design
6. Steering wheel
The steering wheel of this wheel loader has a good soft hand feel and efficient operation. It can either be adjusted forwards or backwards in an arc, to suit different driver needs and preferences. It is ergonomically designed for easy operation.
7. Control box
The control box of this front loader is made up of controlling appliances, handbrake, ashtray, cup set, profile box and more accessories. It is reasonably designed to make the cab spacious.
8. Gearshift
The gearshift is of a flexible shaft. A limiting device is used to prevent false operation.

Convenient and Simple Maintenance
1. Maintenance for hydraulic components
The spacious cab allows easy maintenance of the working pump, steering pump, variable speed pump and other components. This reduces the time taken during maintenance.
2. Power assembly
This standard wheel loader adopts a maintenance-free power switch.


Operating weight 10200 ± 200kg
Load capacity 3800kg
Rated Capacity 1.7m3
Max. Traction Force 106kN
Breakout Force 106kN
Working cycle time 9.1s
Max. dumping height 2964±50mm
Max. dumping reach 950mm
Wheelbase 2760±30mm
Wheel track 1902mm±10mm
Min. turning radius 5200mm
Max speed 33km/h
Length 7055±100mm
Width 2519±30mm
Height 3219±50mm
Engine Xichai 6DF1D-12G Optional: Weichai Duetuz Engine DF-Cummins 6BT5.9 engine
Engine type 4 stroke, supercharging, water cooling
Rated power of engine 92kW

1. Working cycle time equals the sum of the swing arm rising time, swing arm descending time, and rolling time of the bucket.
2. We reserve the rights to make configuration and specification change to any of our products without prior notice due to the continuous technical improvement of CG products.


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