0.56 cubic capacity


Hydraulic excavator CDM6150 is characterized by:

Original Cummins Engine

Kawasaki Hydraulic System

Roll Over Protective Structure

Easy Maintenance

1. New Industry Standard featured LED display.

2. Optimized Engine Management System.

3. Comprehensive Working Structure.

4. Remote Access Protocol.

5. New Safety Standard cabin.

Overall Data of small hydraulic excavator CDM6150

Travel Speed (High/Low):                                    5.5/3.34 km/h

Swing Speed:                                                      11.9/min


Engine Model                                                      Cummins B3.9-C

Displacement                                                        3.9L

Swing Device Driving Type                                 Hydraulic/Mechanical Drive

Travel Device Driving Type                                 Hydraulic/Mechanical Drive

Hydraulic Pump Type                                          Variable Piston Pump

Maximum Setting Pressure:  Travelling                  350mpa

Working                   320/350mpa

Fuel (diesel)                                                           268L

Hydraulic oil (Refilling)                                           159L

Battery Capacity                                                     2×120AH


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