Lonking CDM510B

10ton vibratory

Highlights of Road Roller CDM 510B

ROPS/FOPS Panoramic Cabin.

Front & Rear Light for Night Operation.

Panoramic Cabin/Tiltable Column.

Open-loop Hydraulic Vibration System.

Permco Hydraulic Components.

Wear and Impress Resistant.


1. Shifting transmission with synchronizer: Using mature technology with synchronous automobile gearbox, single stem operation, simple and flexible, lightweight, reduces labor intensity of the driver.

2. Advanced vibration roller structure: good load carrying capability of double width board; vibration oil chamber interlinked but noninterference, no sorrow of leakage; large heat radiating area of vibration roller, thus machine can work continuously.

3. Advanced electric control protection system; hydraulic vibration system has function of delaying the conversion, which avoid the impact on hydraulic system because of maloperation and prolong the service life of hydraulic components

4. Car-level assembly technique.

Single drum vibratory roller CDM510B

Length*Width*Height (mm):             5975*2260*3050

Weight Burden: Front Drum (kg):     5000 Rear Wheel (kg):5000

Min.Turining Radius (mm):               6500

Travel Speed (km/h):                       1.9/3.3/9.1

Gradeability(%):                               30

Vibration Frequency (Hz):                28

Nominal Amplitude (mm):                1.8/0.9

Centrifugal Force (kn):                      240/150

Engine (DF Cummins) Model:         YC6B120-T20

Min.Fuel Consumption (g/kw.h):       235

Fuel Tank Capacity (L):                    190

Vibration Pump:                                Permco

Vibration Motor:                                Permco

Steering Type:                                   Hydraulic Steering

Axle Type:                                        Middle Reduce+Wheel Hub

Tire:                                                  17.5-25PR12G-3

Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L):       190



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